Fiat (USD) Withdrawals


You can withdraw Fiat (USD) from your Bittrex account to your bank account using:

        streamlinehq-shopping-bank-investing-and-banking-free-vector-samples-50.png wire transfer 


Withdrawals from your Bittrex account to a debit card are not supported.


Before making a Fiat (USD) withdrawal on Bittrex
  • Be aware of the withdrawal limits on your account. To find this information, log in to your Bittrex account on the web version and go to My Account > My Profile > Daily Withdrawal Limit.
  • Refer to this article for important information on Fiat Transactions, as requirements and supported actions and locations can differ between transaction types. 
How to withdraw Fiat (USD) via Wire Transfer

You can use the Wire Transfer option only if you have previously:

If you have not done either, you will need to submit a fiat application so we can enable the wire option on your account for withdrawals.

Once your account is enabled for Wire Transfer, you can withdraw via the web version only:

    1. Log in to your Bittrex account.

    2. Tap Wallets or Transactions at the top right of the home screen.

    3. Find the widget on the right side of the page and select Withdraw and then select the Wire Transfer option.

    4. Select USD.

    5. Select your bank account from the drop down menu, or add a new one if needed.

    6. Enter the withdrawal amount and click Withdraw USD.


      See this article for more information on withdrawal minimums and fees.

    7. If applicable, enter your 2FA code and click Withdraw USD.


      If 2FA is not enabled on your account, you will receive an email to authorize the withdrawal.

    8. The transaction will appear under Withdrawals > Pending Withdrawals.

    9. Once the transaction is settled, it will appear under Withdrawals > Withdrawal History.


      Domestic wires take 24-48 hours to settle.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Refer to this article.


Thank you for choosing Bittrex!

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Fiat (USD)

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