Statement on the Ethereum Merge – Paris hard fork

The Ethereum network is scheduled to undergo “The Merge” (Paris hard fork) at Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) 58750000000000000000000 (expected to take place between September 13th-15th, 2022). During The Merge, the Ethereum network will switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake consensus.

Bittrex will support The Merge to the Proof of Stake network. After The Merge is complete the ETH ticker will be used for the Ethereum Proof of Stake chain.

As always, your assets will be safe and secure during The Merge and there is no action required by you.

Bittrex will take the following steps in preparation for The Merge.

Before the Merge:

  • On Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 the Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum based token wallets will be temporarily closed for deposits and/or withdrawals starting at 10:30am Pacific Time.
  • Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum based token wallets will be closed for deposits and/or withdrawals approximately 30 minutes before The Merge. 
  • Trading will remain active.

During the Merge:

  • Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum based token wallets will remain closed for deposits and/or withdrawals. 
  • Trading is expected to remain active during this period. However, certain market pairs may be temporarily unavailable in the event a balance snapshot is required.

After the Merge:

  • Once The Merge is complete and it is deemed safe to open, Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum based tokens wallets will be enabled.

Following The Merge, it is possible that Ethereum will fork creating a Proof of Work and a Proof of Stake chain. Bittrex will be closely monitoring for potential forks and will evaluate any forked assets for potential listing using our standard listing process. In the event of a balance snapshot, only deposits credited to your account prior to wallets closing for The Merge will be considered.


Update 9/16/2022:

Bittrex will support the EthereumPoW (ETHW) fork. Eligible customers will receive ETHW at a ratio of 1:1 based on their Ethereum (ETH) balances from the snapshot taken on September 14, 2022 at 10:29 PM PDT.

ETHW tokens will be distributed in the coming days and trading will commence following the distribution. Deposits and Withdrawals will be available at a later date. You do not need to do anything further at this time.

Update 10/6/2022:

ETHW wallet is enabled for deposits and withdrawals.


To review our policy on forks, airdrops and promos go to:

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Further Information:


Updates will be provided through our official Twitter account @Bittrex Exchange.




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