Multiple account policy

At this time, non-Corporate Bittrex users may only open one account per our Terms of Service. Corporate Bittrex users may have more than one account, as long as the accounts are upgraded to Corporate accounts. To learn more about Corporate accounts, click here.

We have procedures in place to detect and disable any new accounts created that are linked to existing Bittrex users. If you have opened multiple accounts, and one or more of them has been disabled, please do the following:

  1. Contact Bittrex Support or reply to your existing ticket and let us know:

    blue_checkmark.PNGwhich account you would like to keep
    blue_checkmark.PNGwhich account(s) you would like to close
    blue_checkmark.PNGwhat you would like to do with any remaining balance(s), options include:
    blue-caret.PNGwithdrawing the funds
    blue-caret.PNGadding funds to meet the minimum withdrawal amount and then withdrawing the funds


    The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 times the transaction fee plus 1 Satoshi for each individual token/coin.

    If we do not receive a response from you within 14 days, all your accounts will be disabled until we hear from you again.

  2. For added security, we will ask you to provide Proof of Identity (POI) before any action is taken on the account(s).

  3. Once proper POI is received from you, we will enable the account of your choosing.
  4. Upon confirmation from you, if there are no funds in the account(s) that remain disabled, we will close them for you.
  5. If there are funds in any of the remaining disabled account(s), we will enable and/or close these account(s) after you have decided what to do with the funds.



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