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While marketing and promotional emails are optional for our users (learn how to opt in or out here), Bittrex does need to send transactional emails to our users for transaction authorization, account verification, and security purposes. These transactional emails are essential for users to access their account and perform certain actions on our platform.


Transactional emails are essential to accessing and using your Bittrex account. For this reason, there is no Unsubscribe button in these emails. Please do not mark any of these transactional emails as Spam or Junk. Doing so will prevent you from receiving these emails.

You are of course welcome to click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any marketing or promotional emails if you wish. Learn more about how to opt in or out of these emails in this article.

Which emails are considered "transactional"?

There are many different types of transactional emails we will send you. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Welcome to Bittrex
  • Login from new device/IP
  • Email/device verification
  • Password reset
  • Enable/Disable 2FA
  • Account re-enabled
  • Withdrawal Confirmation
  • ACH Deposit issues/resolution
  • any email without an Unsubscribe button
I know for certain that I have never marked a Bittrex transactional email as Spam or Junk at any point in time, but I am still not receiving these emails.

Thanks for confirming! Please try the following:

  • Check your spam or junk email folder
  • Add and to your contacts or safe senders list
  • Check your email from a different device
  • Check your email from a different browser, or an incognito browser
  • Reach out to your email provider for assistance

Here are some links we have put together for some common email providers:


If you have tried the above and you are still not receiving these emails, please contact Bittrex Support so we can investigate further.

Oops! It's possible that I may have marked a Bittrex transactional email as Spam or Junk at one point, and I am not receiving these emails.
That's okay, we all make mistakes. Please contact Bittrex Support so we may add your email address back into our system manually, and be sure not to mark any of our transactional emails as Spam or Junk in the future.

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