Important Information about Transactions on Bittrex

Financial transactions conducted on Bittrex are subject to withdrawal holds, deposit and withdrawal limits. These controls are intended to verify deposits and protect vulnerable customers from bank and exchange fraud.


Fiat deposits on the exchange may be subject to a withdrawal hold.  During the hold period, deposited funds may be traded* on the Bittrex exchange, but not withdrawn, as we require a minimum account balance be maintained that is equal to your recent fiat deposits. You will need to wait to withdraw these funds. 

* During this hold period, certain customers with recent fiat deposits may not have the ability to purchase in all markets.   


Limits on accounts are dependent on account status (retail vs corporate), and whether two-factor authentication is enabled.  ACH and debit deposit daily limits are calculated on a 24-hour rolling basis and weekly limits on a seven-day rolling basis.


To locate your 24-hour withdrawal limits on your account, log in to your account an navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section under ‘My Account’ at the top right corner of the page in the UI.  This information is not reflected in the mobile app. 


When depositing funds to the exchange, limits should be displayed (if applicable) in the deposit window.  


Specific details are outlined in the table below:


1This limit refers to a 24-hour timeframe

2 Certain coins have a max limit per withdrawal that is not influenced by customer withdrawal limits:

  • BTC = 100
  • ADA = 100,000
  • DOGE = 100,000,000
  • All other coins = 10,000,000

Additionally, please see this article for more information on minimum deposits for crypto.

3 Withdrawals to debit cards are not supported


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