Cardano (ADA) Staking

Bittrex has launched staking for all eligible Bittrex customers holding Cardano (ADA)
tokens. Eligible users can opt in to help secure the Cardano network
and earn staking rewards on the ADA tokens in their Bittrex wallets. ADA staking
reward distribution will begin in January 2022.

For more information, you can view our Discover Page here, and we have also
outlined some frequently asked questions below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do rewards work?
Users may earn up to 5.5%* rewards on Cardano. The rewards will vary depending
on the network and operational requirements.

What is the frequency of rewards?
Rewards will be paid out monthly. They are typically paid out in the middle of the
month but timing may vary.

What do I need to do to be eligible?

To be eligible to stake with Bittrex, you must meet the following criteria:
• Complete your identity verification (KYC)
• Accept the latest Bittrex Terms of Service
• Hold a minimum of 1 ADA in your Bittrex account

Where can I accept the latest Terms of Service and complete identity
Once you log in to your Bittrex account, you will receive prompts to complete
identity verification or review and accept the Terms of Service if it is required.

Are there any other assets that Bittrex supports for staking?
We currently only offer staking for ADA. 

Is there a lock up period?
No! You can withdraw your funds at any time.

What if I withdraw my funds in between distribution periods?
Your rewards will be proportional to your daily average balance during that rewards

*There are no guaranteed rewards on staking; any staking rewards received may vary for any given time period



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