Trading keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide you a quick and efficient way of placing orders and switching between tabs on the trading page. Below is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts. You will also find shortcut hints within the trading interface. Hints are shown as either underlines below the shortcut letter or shown when you hover over a commonly used button

Switching between tabs

BBuy form
SSell form
PPrice chart
DDepth chart
ROrder books
OOpen orders
CClosed orders
HTrade history
TToken details
MSearch markets
ESCDismiss modals

Placing orders

EnterNext input field
TabNext control
Shift+EnterPrevious input field
Shift+TabPrevious control
Shift+BSet best bid
Shift+ASet best ask
Shift+LSet last price
  Increase decimal number
  Decrease decimal number
Shift+ Increase whole number
Shift+ Decrease whole number
Bthen Switch buy order type
Sthen Switch sell order type

Other useful shortcuts

Change layout First, type ā€œLā€ to see all the layout options. Then type in the number next to the layout you want to use.

Change currency to see all estimates in First, type ā€œUā€ to see all the currency options. Then type in the number next to the currency you want to see all estimates in.


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