Terms of Service Addendum for Card Payments

This Terms of Service Addendum for Card Payments (“Addendum”) governs your use of the credit card and debit card payment services (the “Credit/Debit Card Payment Services”) made available by Bittrex, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Bittrex”, “we”, or “us”) as part of the Services.

By clicking a box or button indicating your agreement or acceptance of this Addendum or, if earlier, by accessing or using any Credit/Debit Card Payment Services, you agree to be bound by this Addendum.

This Addendum supplements the Terms of Service which are incorporated by this reference and will apply to the Credit/Debit Card Payment Services and this Addendum. Capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined in this Addendum will have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Service.

Data Protection and Privacy

 Any and all card information or data you provide in connection with any card transaction (“Card Data”) is provided by you directly to emerchantpay Ltd. (“Card Processor”), a third-party payment processor, through the Card Processor’s payment gateway made available as part of the Services. Please review the Card Processor’s Privacy Policy for information about how your Card Data is handled by the Card Processor.

 The Card Processor may share certain Card Data with Bittrex as described in the Card Processor’s Privacy Policy in order to facilitate processing of the transaction and Bittrex’s provision of Services to you. You may also provide information that is not Card Data to Bittrex when using our Credit/Debit Card Payment Services. To understand how Bittrex handles any Card Data provided to Bittrex by the Card Processor or any information that you provide to Bittrex in connection with our Credit/Debit Card Payment Services please refer to our Privacy Policy.

 Credit/Debit Card Payment Services

 You may use our Credit/Debit Card Payment Services to add supported fiat currencies into your Bittrex Account. For information about how our Credit/Debit Card Payment Services work, please refer to this article.

  1. Supported Cards; Other Eligibility Requirements. We may limit the types of cards accepted (e.g. VISA or Mastercard) and may require that the card used meets certain security requirements (e.g. 3 Domain Security or 3DS). There may be additional eligibility requirements based on the type of transaction, the amount of the transaction, and other criteria. Your transaction may be declined if the eligibility requirements are not satisfied.

  2. Availability of Funds. We may, at our discretion, add funds to your Bittrex Account after the Card Processor notifies us that the transaction has been approved but prior to actual receipt by us of the applicable funds. Until we receive the applicable funds, we may limit or otherwise restrict your ability to withdraw or transfer fiat currency or Tokens from your Bittrex Account.
  3. Transaction Limits. We may limit the amount of a transaction, or the cumulative amount of transactions during a period of time, made using the Credit/Debit Card Payment Services.

  4. Fees. You will be responsible for paying any and all fees associated with the transaction, including without limitation any fees charged by the card network, the Card Processor, or any other person or entity involved in processing, authorizing, or settling the requested transaction, as well as any fees charged by Bittrex (collectively, the “Transaction Fees”). Your card issuer may charge fees or costs (for example, foreign transaction fees) that are in addition to the Transaction Fees. You will be solely responsible for paying any and all fees charged by your card issuer. The current amount of all Transaction Fees is described here. The Transaction Fees will be added to the amount you request to add to your Bittrex Account. For example, if you initiate a transaction to add $100 and the total Transaction Fee is 3%, you will be charged $103 on your card (plus any additional amounts charged by the card issuer) and $100 will be added to your Bittrex Account.

  5. No Refunds; Chargebacks. All transactions are final and no amounts are refundable. In the event of any reversal of a transaction, refund, or other chargeback initiated or required by the card issuer, card network, or Card Processor (each, a “Chargeback”) you will be responsible for repaying to Bittrex any amount of the Chargeback that has already been added to your Bittrex Account. You hereby authorize Bittrex to deduct any such amounts from the amount of any fiat currency or Tokens in your Bittrex Account.

  6. Declined Transactions. All transactions are subject to the approval of Bittrex, the card issuer, the card network, and the Card Processor. Bittrex will have no responsibility or liability for any transactions that are declined.


By using the Credit/Debit Card Payment Services you represent and warrant that you have the authority to enter into this Addendum, that you are the authorized signatory on any credit or debit card you use to initiate any transaction, and that you are initiating the transaction to fund your Bittrex Account.

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