Changelist 05/20/2020

  • Support for Euro markets, wire and SEPA transfer, and credit and debit card deposits have been added.
  • Estimated values in a primary and secondary reference currency can now be set and reflected throughout the product.
  • A new Discover section has been added to learn more about cryptocurrencies and trading.
  • Support for OCO and Trailing Stop order types has been added.
  • Usability and performance improvements have been made to:

- Open and Closed Orders tables

- Order Forms

- Trading page layouts

- Order Details views

- Orderbooks

- Charts

- New account creation


Mobile app

  • Users can now sign up for a Bittrex account from the mobile app.
  • Instantly purchase crypto with your credit/debit card, using wire transfers or with existing USD/EUR balances.
  • Users with Euro enabled accounts, can now view their holdings in Euros
  • Users with Euro enabled accounts now have access to Euro markets
  • Deposits now have a QR available, on select coins
  • New order type available, Stop-Limit


API changes


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