New UI features

Our new cutting-edge trading platform is faster and better than ever, with new order types, real-time info and customized charting views to make your trading lightning fast. All backed by Bittrex's world-class security.


Trading preferences

Users are able to customize their trading experience with integration from TradingView, starting with choosing between light and dark mode. 




Users can customize their own preferences by clicking on the Trading Preferences button in the top right corner of the screen, and choose different chart layouts, currency estimates and chart preferences.



Chart View Preferences give users the ability to customize their chart layout by enabling views for Open Orders, Closed Orders, and Drafted orders.



Drawing tools/indicators

The new UI offers a broad selection new features of drawing tools with TradingView. Users have the ability to overlay charts with various indicators and annotations for market analysis.

A list of indicators can be found by clinking the “+ Indicators” icon above the chart. Selected indicators will appear as an additional layers on top of the main chart, or as subplots below. The settings icon lets users adjust indicator parameters.


Drawing tools for additional indicators are located on the left-hand side of the chart. Tools include trendlines, patterns, pitchforks, and fib retracement among others. A dropdown menu to the right of each icon reveals the available selections in that category. Here are some links to the TradingView wiki that offer more detail on the drawing tools in each category where applicable.

Trend Line Tools                    

Gann and Fibonacci tools      

Geometric Shapes                 



Prediction and measurement


Holdings tab

Order books:

  • Users will be able to see the last 500 bids for sells/buys 


Open orders:

  • Users will be able to view your current open orders

Closed orders:

  • Users will be able to see all of the closed orders


Wallets (holdings):

  • Users can view balances and credits


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