Address regeneration for select Bittrex wallets on 11/18/2019

Bittrex is always looking improve our wallet infrastructure to provide reliable and secure services. As part of ongoing maintenance, on November 18, 2019, Bittrex will deprecate existing deposit addresses for the following wallets:

  • ARK - Ark
  • ATOM - Cosmos
  • BTT - BitTorrent
  • LSK - Lisk
  • LUNA - Luna
  • MED - MediBloc
  • ONG - Ontology Gas
  • ONT - Ontology
  • QRL - Quantum Resistant Ledger
  • TRX - Tron
  • VBK - VeriBlock
  • ZIL - Zilliqa

There will be brief downtime at 1:00 PM PST on 11/18/2019 (8:00 PM UTC on 11/18/2019) for up to a few hours while we conduct wallet maintenance. During that time, wallets for the aforementioned tokens will be disabled such that withdrawals and deposits will be paused. We will resume wallet functionality once we're confident in our upgrades.

Token balances will not change during this time and trading will continue as normal on those coins' markets.

After wallets are re-enabled, users will need to regenerate new addresses for those tokens. See our article titled "" for more information on generating a new deposit address. Assets transferred to old token addresses may not be credited to your account. Customers who have issues with deposits can open a ticket at


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