Changelist 07/24/2019

Bittrex Preview updates

This week’s update adds more features to Bittrex Preview, as well as makes updates to the features already in Preview.

  • Improvements to make order forms more consistently handle market precision
  • Improved order form and order tables presentation on smaller screen sizes
  • New and improved balances, deposits, and withdrawals tables on the Wallets page, organized into a single tabbed component for easier navigation.
  • New and improved estimated holdings on the Wallets page to more clearly summarize the total of your crypto and fiat holdings.
  • New and improved mobile navigation experience.

To enable Bittrex Preview select the beaker mceclip2.png in the top right corner of or

Bittrex Preview enables users to opt-in to seeing the newest improvements to Bittrex first. After opting in, you will automatically see the features in Preview throughout the product. We want to keep you in the loop as we are improving the product and to hear your feedback on the direction we are going.

New features will be added regularly, and you can see which features are currently in Bittrex Preview here.

We look forward to your feedback on the features in Preview and we’ll continue to make updates that reflect your requests. Please share your feedback on social media and through our customer support website


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