Bittrex Preview Feature List

All Bittrex customers have access to Bittrex Preview which showcases website improvements and updates ahead of their final release to all users.

To enable Bittrex Preview select the beaker mceclip2.png in the top right corner of or

Bittrex Preview Improvements:

  • Streamlined buy/sell order form on markets page: The layout has been simplified to be clearer and easier to use, especially on smaller screens.
  • Improved order tables on markets pages: The four Orders tables have been reorganized together into a single tabbed component, making it easier to quickly move between all of your different open and closed orders on a market.
  • Improved trade history tables on markets pages: The trade history tables have an improved look and feel and more flexible paging.
  • Improved balances, deposits, and withdrawals tables on the Wallets page, organized into a single tabbed component for easier navigation.
  • Improved estimated holdings on the Wallets page to more clearly summarize the total of your crypto and fiat holdings.
  • Improved mobile navigation experience.
  • New and improved Orders page, including new tables for all open and historical orders.
  • Improved logic for retaining data in the order form when orders have been placed and order types have been changed.
  • Improved logic for populating prices on the order form when selecting prices from the order book.

We value our customers’ feedback on these pre-release features. Please share your feedback on social media and through our customer support website

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