Questions about crypto deposits on Bittrex

This article answers common questions and scenarios that you may encounter when depositing with Bittrex. 

Questions about crypto deposits

What type of coins does Bittrex support? 
Bittrex currently supports the Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT(Tether ERC-20), and USD base markets. We also support various  ERC-20 tokens, TRX-10 tokens and many independent coins and blockchains. Bittrex's variety of coins and tokens are perfect for your trading needs. Please review our markets page, or our API page for more information on what coins and tokens we support. 

How do I verify a transaction on a block explorer?
Review your transaction on the blockchain to ensure that the transaction was completed. Research your transaction on the appropriate block explorer for the coin you have deposited or withdrawn. For example, you may search for a BTC transaction on Please reach out to our support staff if you need assistance finding your transaction on the blockchain or finding the correct block explorer.

Why are my deposit and withdrawal icons grayed out on my wallet?
Wallets that are not eligible to be withdrawn from or deposited to will be grayed out. This may also occur if your account has been disabled for use. If your account is disabled, you will need to submit a support ticket for assistance.

Where is my deposit?
When a deposit has been sent to your account you may feel anxious waiting for the deposit to post. We cannot credit transactions until they have the proper number of confirmations on the block chain. Bittrex does not control the blockchain nor can we make it go any faster. The transaction time is controlled solely by the blockchain of the coin that you are depositing. If your deposit is not showing on your account, here are a few troubleshooting tips and tricks to review.

  • Were you provided with a transaction ID or hash to verify the transaction was processed?
    • Review your transaction on the blockchain and ensure that the transaction has been confirmed. To find a block explorer, please use a search engine and search for "(Coin name) block explorer", which should lead you to a block explorer for that coin.
    • If the transaction is not on the blockchain then we will be unable to assist with the transaction. We cannot credit transactions until they have the proper number of confirmations on the blockchain.
  • Review your Pending Deposits:
    • You can access your balance page by going to the Holdings page and selecting the Deposits tab. Scroll down to Pending Deposits to review any pending deposits on the account. Review the transactions minimum confirmation to the right side of the deposit. If it has not yet been met, you will need to wait for the confirmations to complete.
    • Before depositing, minimum confirmations can be reviewed through our API. Use "Ctrl+F" to search the coin's name and "MinConfirmation" information.
  • Review your Deposit History:
    • You can access your balance page by going to the Holdings page and selecting the Deposits tab. Scroll down to Deposit History. Oftentimes the coin has processed to the account, and the customer did not see it happen.
    • Occasionally with some coins, the transaction will appear, but with a new TxID or hash. This is because the transaction went into the blockchain with one TxID, and then left the wallet to Bittrex on another TxID. This is common with minimum deposit coins such as ETH and the ETH ERC-20 tokens, WAVE tokens, and LSK blockchain tokens.
  • Did your coin reach the minimum deposit on the blockchain?
    • Some coins and tokens have a minimum deposit in order to credit to the account. For example ETH and ERC-20 token coins may require up to a minimum deposit of 0.10. The minimum deposit value will be present when depositing your coin through your account's UI. If you send a deposit smaller than this you will need to send additional funds to combine the transactions together, this is called "sweeping the balance." This will create a new TxID on the blockchain when sending the combined funds. Please review your wallet address on the block explorer for the TxIDs that are associated with the deposit to find any changes in TxIDs and hashes.
  • Does your coin require a tag/paymentID/memo/message that you may have forgotten?
    • Please make sure to check the deposit instructions for each coin. If you do not follow the instruction provided your coin may not be credited. If you did not include the proper tag/paymentID/memo/message submit a ticket with the Help with Deposits form and provide our support staff the full transaction hash of your deposit so that we may investigate the transaction. The typical crediting time for deposits without message is up to four weeks.
    • Tokens that may require a memo include: AEON, ARDR, BITS, BTS, BURST, DCT, GBG, GOLOS, IGNIS, MOBI, NXT, SBD, STEEM, TUBE, XDN, XEL, XEM(NEM), XHV, XLM, XMR, XRP
  • Did you send your coins to the incorrect wallet address?
    • Bittrex has many coins, so it is common for users to generate an address for one coin and then deposit the wrong type of coin to that address. In some circumstances we may be able to retrieve these coins. If you sent your coin to a different coin's address you'll need to submit a ticket with the Help with Deposits form and provide our agents the coin name, the address you sent the coin to, the TxID, and the amount of coins sent. This type of deposit mistake can take over a month to credit and may require a fee to recover. You can read more about recovery in the article, Bittrex's Crosschain Recovery Policy.
        • Examples of recoverable crosschains include: BTC to a BCH address, BCH to a BTC address.
        • Example of an unrecoverable crosschain: USDT(Omni) to USDT(ERC-20) address.
        • Some tokens may have the same ticker. For example the ERC-20 token CPT is listed as both Cryptaur token and Contents Protocol token. Please be sure that you are sending the correct token when depositing to Bittrex as we cannot revert incorrectly deposited funds.
        • We will be unable to credit funds sent on the wrong blockchain type. An example would be when an ETH ERC-20 token moves to their own mainnet blockchain (e.g. TRX and PAL were previously ETH ERC-20 tokens. They are now on their own mainnet blockchain).

If your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, had the correct memo, and still has not been credited submit a ticket with the Help with Deposits form and include the full transaction hash for our customer service agents to investigate.

I am trying to deposit my funds and they require a memo, tag, or payment ID, but there is no place to input the tag when depositing, or Bittrex is asking for a tag, and I do not have one. What do I do?
Bittrex does not always support the use of a memo, tag, or payment ID for certain coins/tokens. If you are attempting to deposit a coin that requires a memo on another exchange, it may not be required to deposit to Bittrex. If you are depositing a coin that require a memo/tag, we recommend transferring your coins/tokens to a personal or third party wallet first, then depositing into Bittrex. If you send your funds without a memo attached, submit a ticket with the Help with Deposits form and our support staff will see what options are available to you.

What if I deposited a coin/token that Bittrex does not currently support?
Bittrex does not have access to funds that are deposited when we do not have a wallet to support the deposit. If Bittrex supports the coin or token in the future, you may create a support ticket and our staff will see what options are available at that time.

I deposited a coin/token that Bittrex US does not support but Bittrex International does. what can I do?
If you deposited a coin/token to Bittrex without generating a wallet, your funds may be lost. If you deposited an ETH Token or TRX Token, or sent the funds to the Bittrex base address you may submit a support ticket using the Help with Deposits form and our staff will see what options are available at that time. Any international deposits that are credited to an account will remain on the account, but unavailable for use. Should Bittrex US support the coin/token, at that time the funds would become available for use.

My coin/token deposit to Bittrex says "Out of Gas" on the blockchain. What does that mean?
"Out of Gas" errors occur when the transaction is incomplete. Bittrex will not have access to these funds. Reach out to the sending side for more assistance or a refund.

My coin/token shows that it was "reverted" on the blockchain. What does that mean?
When a transaction is reverted, it will normally be sent back to either your wallet, or the Bittrex Base address. If your transaction states that it was reverted, submit a support ticket using the Help with Deposits form so that we may review options for your transaction.


Airdrop, swaps, distribution announcements, soft forks, hard forks, contentious hard forks, and chain splits 

From time to time Bittrex will support Airdrops, Token Swaps, and Distributions of Tokens. If Bittrex plans to support an airdrop, token swap, or distribution, it will be announced through our Twitter page, and our support articles.

  • Airdrops occur when token creators decide to distribute free tokens to holders of other established tokens. This most commonly happens when a coin has a fork and promotes their new coin/token by distributing free coin/tokens.
  • Token swaps occur when a token moves from one type of blockchain to another. An example would be when an ERC-20 token moves from the ETH blockchain to a mainnet blockchain (e.g. TRX was a ERC-20 that now runs on its own mainnet blockchain).
  • Distribution of tokens occur typically when a promotion or token unlock program is underway. Promotions will be listed in our support articles with information on how to participate. Most unlocked programs are set for a long period of time (1-5 years). For international customers, Bittrex is currently hosting the NPXS and BTT token unlock programs. Additionally, distribution of tokens can occur upon the completion of an IEO with Bittrex.
  • Soft forks occur when the older version of a token is cast aside for a new version. You can still use the old version however you may not have all the perks and there may not be markets available. The most notable attributes are that they are backwards compatible with the old version of the chain and does not result in a chain split.
  • Hard forks occur when when the majority consensus with those on the network which requires a software upgrade. The most notable attributes are that the blockchain will be split into two, maintaining a common history. These are not backwards compatible with the old version of the blockchain and usually include an upgrade/change to the software.
  • Contentious hard forks usually occur when there is a disagreement within the community about the direction of the coin. One part of the coins community will continue on the current chain while the other part of the community moves to their own chain. And example of this would be the ETH/ETC fork. Another example would be the BTC/BCH
  • Chain splits is a naturally occur split in the blockchain that usually happens when miners are racing to find the winning block information. It can also be forced to happen with a hard or soft fork. Chain splits create two or more versions of the original blockchain that share their history until a certain point. One issue you can see with a chain split is replay attacks. This is where the transaction meant for one blockchain is confirmed on another which may lead to loss of funds.
    • Notably, BSV has replay attacks and no protection on their current blockchain. You can read more about BSV crosschains here.


Understanding the Currencies API

The Currencies API page is a tool used to review information about the Wallets on Bittrex. The Wallets API may be confusing. Below is a breakdown of 1 line from our Currencies API:

  • {"symbol":"BTC","name":"Bitcoin","coinType":"BITCOIN","status":"ONLINE","minConfirmations":2,"notice":"","txFee":"0.00030000","logoUrl":"","prohibitedIn":[],"baseAddress":"1N52wHoVR79PMDishab2XmRHsbekCdGquK","associatedTermsOfService":[],"tags":[]}


For additional API documentation refer to


How to deposit tokens to your Bittrex account

  1. Ensure that your account has been successfully verified. 
  2. Log in to Bittrex and click the Holdings tab in the upper right corner.   mceclip0.png
  3. Make sure the Show Zero Balances option is not selected. Search for your desired wallet using the search box at the top of the screen.  
  4. Click the Deposit icon under the Actions tab of the wallet you would like to deposit your funds to.  This will bring up a list of deposit instructions for that specific coin.  
  5. If you have not deposited this coin to Bittrex in the past, you will be prompted to Generate a new wallet address.   

  6. Make sure to read the deposit instructions if they are available. You must follow these instructions exactly or you could potentially lose your coins: 
      • Some coins require a minimum amount to be sent before they are credited. 
      • Other coins will require a message/paymentID/tag/memo. This must be included in your deposit in order for your funds to be credited to your account.  
  7. Double-check to make sure the name of the coin listed on the deposit instructions matches the name of the coin you're trying to deposit, then copy the address using the copy button on the right side of the address. Bittrex strongly recommends using the copy and paste functions when entering addresses. Coins sent to an incorrect address cannot be recovered under any circumstances.
  8. Once your deposit has been initiated, navigate to the Pending Deposits section, under the Deposits tab of the Bittrex Holdings page to check the status of a deposit.  
  9. Pay close attention to the Confirmations column of this page. All deposits must be fully confirmed on the blockchain before they can be credited to your account. More information on the confirmation process can be found below.  

Deposits will automatically be credited to your account once they are fully confirmed on the blockchain. These coins will now be available in your account for trading. This can be confirmed by searching for the Bittrex wallet for this coin and checking your balance.  

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