Initial Exchange Offering: Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Initial Exchange Offering Details 

Fully verified Bittrex International users can participate in the Ocean Protocol Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) beginning at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST on Tuesday, April 30th.

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI. Through blockchain technology, Ocean Protocol connects data providers and consumers, allowing data to be shared while guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved. It allows data owners to give value to and have control over their data without being locked-in to any single marketplace. Ocean Protocol is committed to kick-starting a new Data Economy by bringing together decentralized blockchain technology, a data sharing framework, and an ecosystem for data and related services. Learn more:

New customers can sign-up at For individual accounts, there is  100 OCEAN (approximately $12 USD) minimum purchase amount and 42,000 OCEAN (approximately $5,040 USD) maximum purchase amount. In the IEO, each OCEAN token will be offered for approximately $0.12 USD (the price per OCEAN token will be set in BTC within 24 hours of the start of the IEO). The amount of tokens sold during the IEO, assuming the maximum sale amount is reached, will represent 22.3% of the initial circulating supply.

Once the IEO has ended all unsold OCEAN tokens will be sent back to the Ocean Protocol Foundation within 7 business days and will be allocated for community building efforts.

Token Sale Start Time   April 30th at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST
Token Sale End Time 
When BI Sale Supply is reached or at the set time of May 3, 2019 at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 CEST 
Bittrex International Sale Supply  56,400,000 OCEAN
Total Token Supply   1,410,000,000 OCEAN
Initial Circulating Supply  314,113,000 OCEAN
Token Sale Price 
Per Account Maximum
Purchase Amount  
42,000 OCEAN
Per Account Minimum
Purchase Amount  
Currencies accepted   BTC
Token Type   ERC-20
Token Distribution   Within 48 hours after IEO sale ends
Bittrex International Token Listing  Within 48 hours after IEO sale ends


Customers who wish to purchase more than the maximum number of tokens allowed in the public sale may purchase tokens through the Bittrex OTC Trading Desk. OCEAN tokens sold through the Bittrex OTC Desk may be sold by holders other than Ocean Foundation. The minimum transaction amount on the Bittrex OTC Trading Desk will be approximately $100,000 USD. Availability of OCEAN tokens traded OTC is subject to market conditions.

Information for the Bittrex OTC Trading desk, including how to request OTC trading approval, can be found here:

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