Fostering Innovation through Initial Exchange Offerings: How Bittrex International Selects IEOs


As one of the world’s premier digital asset trading platforms, trust and integrity are our most valuable assets. We’ve always operated with the highest possible standards to protect our users and our long-term relationships and to achieve our mission of fostering blockchain innovationWe are excited to begin hosting Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) for our customers as our commitment to advance innovation and increase blockchain adoption globally.  

We’d love to share more details about our vetting and selection process to help our customers understand our processes better.    

Token Vetting Process 

All token teams interested in launching their token with an IEO on Bittrex International go through our vigorous listing application process applicable to all tokens listed on Bittrex International. Learn more about our listing review process here: 

IEO Approval Process 

In addition to our normal token review process, each candidate for an IEO on Bittrex International goes through an additional review, which includes: 

  • Token Sale Economics: Detailed review of historical sales; target token distribution, allocations, and vesting periods 
  • Use of Proceeds: How or where the project team intends to spend funds 
  • Timeline and RoadmapSuitability of IEO given past project achievements and future milestones  
  • Strategic Partnership Review: Continuous contact with all critical strategic partners of the token team 
  • Communications Review: Social media / public communication; written authorization for the use of third-party brands or images in IEO marketing materials 

This process ensures that only the highest-quality most innovative token projects conduct IEOs on Bittrex International. Token teams can start the process by completing the IEO form, which may be found at: 

While we are confident in our existing processes, we are always striving to make improvements in order to make sure that only the highest-quality most innovative token projects conduct IEOs on Bittrex International. We have an exciting future ahead and look forward to sharing more IEOs with you soon. 

DisclaimerAuthorized users will be able to purchase digital assetsold on Bittrex International, the secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform based in Malta. This international trading platform operates within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government, including the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act. 


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