Initial Exchange Offering: VeriBlock

Initial Exchange Offering: VeriBlock 

VeriBlock (VBK) Initial Exchange Offering Details

Fully verified Bittrex International users can participate in the VeriBlock Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) beginning at 9:00am PDT (4:00pm UTC) on Tuesday, April 2nd.

VeriBlock and its novel Proof-of-Proof (“PoP”) consensus protocol is the first and only technology in the world to allow any blockchain to inherit Bitcoin’s unprecedented thermodynamic Proof-of-Work security in an entirely Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent, and Permissionless (“DTTP”) manner. Since September of 2018, thousands of PoP miners in over 50 countries have successfully done more than 6,000,000 PoP transactions to Bitcoin, accounting for nearly half of all Bitcoin transactions at peak. Over the past four years, the VeriBlock project has attracted strategic investors, partners, and advisors including Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara, Bloq Co-Founder and Chairman Matthew Roszak, Bloq Co-Founder and Former Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik, Ethereum and Decentral Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio, and Fenbushi Capital General Partner Bo Shen. Additional details about the VeriBlock project can be found here:

New customers can sign-up at For individual accounts, there is a 100 VBK (approximately $10 USD) minimum purchase amount and a 200,000 VBK (approximately $20,000 USD) maximum purchase amount. In the IEO, each VBK coin will be offered for approximately $0.10 USD (the price per VBK coin will be set in BTC within 24 hours of the start of the IEO). The amount of coins sold during the IEO, assuming the maximum sale amount is reached, will represent 24.7% of the initial circulating supply. VBK coins have been mined and will be sold in the IEO by Xenios SEZC, a Cayman special economic zone company. Additional details can be found below.

Want to participate in the VBK IEO on Bittrex International? Here are the details: 

Coin Sale Start Time   April 2, 2019 at 9am PDT/ 4pm UTC 
Coin Sale End Time 
When BI Sale Supply is reached or at the set time of April 5, 2019 at 9am PDT / 4pm UTC 
Bittrex International Sale Supply  70,000,000 VBK 
Total Coin Supply   2,100,000,000 VBK 
Initial Circulating Supply  283,000,000 VBK 
Coin Sale Price 
~$0.10 USD (The price per VBK coin will be set in BTC within 24 hours of the start of the IEO) 
Per Account Maximum
Purchase Amount  
200,000 VBK ~$20,000 USD 
(The price per VBK coin will be set in BTC within 24 hours of the start of the IEO)
Per Account Minimum
Purchase Amount  
100 VBK  ~$10 USD 
(The price per VBK coin will be set in BTC within 24 hours of the start of the IEO) 
Currencies accepted   BTC
Coin Type   Mainnet Blockchain Coin 
Coin Distribution   Delivery on April 5, after IEO sale ends. 

Customers who wish to purchase more than the maximum number of tokens may purchase tokens through the Bittrex OTC Trading Desk. The minimum purchase amount on the Bittrex OTC Trading Desk will be approximately US
D$100,000. VBK sold through the Bittrex OTC Trading Desk may be sold at a lower cost per token than the public sale and are subject to additional terms and conditions, including trading lock-up. Here is more information to participate in VBK Initial Exchange Offering on Bittrex OTC

Information for the Bittrex OTC Trading desk, including how to request OTC trading approval, can be found here: 

Disclaimer: Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex, serves as an advisor to the VeriBlock coin project. As a result, Bittrex holds a customary minority equity position in an affiliate of the sponsor of the VBK Coin Initial Exchange Offering, and will indirectly benefit from the successful completion of the Initial Exchange Offering.


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