Changelist 03/15/2019

API updates (v3 Alpha)

Today we’re releasing a significant update to our Alpha release of our v3 API. This is an exciting update that includes a number of new features and fixes based on the feedback we’ve received from our Alpha program participants. While the v3 API is still in Alpha and available on an invite-only basis this release brings us one step closer to our open Beta which will be available to all of our users. Stay tuned for that exciting announcement.

Release Highlights

  • Support for market orders which executes orders to buy/sell a quantity of a currency at the best, currently available price (e.g. buy 1 BTC at the current market BTC price)
  • Support for ceiling orders is a type of market order which executes orders to buy/sell a specified total value of the order at the best, currently available price (e.g. buy $100 USD of BTC at the current market BTC price)
  • New Fill-or-Kill time in force option which allows orders to be placed which will be filled immediately and completely, or not at all
  • Added Post Only orders which allow market makers to ensure their orders are making it to the order book instead of matching with a preexisting order

Notable Changes

There are a number of changes in this update which may break existing v3 API implementations. Most notably the API signature has changed to include the HTTP request method and the subaccount (where applicable). This will require you to change the code you use to generate the headers that you send on authenticated request to the API. Additionally, there have been a number of changes to our end point structure and some small changes to our response models.

v3 API Changelist

You can find the full change list below. Refer to the API documents for full details.

  • v3 request signing mechanism has been changed to include the HTTP request method and the subaccount
  • v3 list endpoints (GET /deposits, GET /orders/closed, GET /subaccounts, GET /withdrawals) now use a new pagination mechanism
  • New order types have been added:
    • Buy and sell MARKET
  • New order time-in-force options have been added:
  • v3 endpoint structure has changed and new endpoints have been implemented:
    • GET /addresses is now implemented
    • GET /deposits/pending is now merged into GET /deposits
    • Market Summaries (GET /markets?includeSummary=true) has been moved into its own endpoint:
      • GET /markets/summaries
      • GET /markets/{marketId}/summary
    • GET /markets/{marketId}/history is now GET /markets/{marketId}/trades
    • GET /markets/{marketId}/ticks is now GET /markets/{marketId}/candles
    • DELETE /orders/{orderId} now returns the updated order attributes from closing the order if successful
    • GET /orders is now GET /orders/closed and includes support for pagination
    • GET /subaccounts and GET /subaccounts/{subaccountId} are now implemented
    • GET /withdrawals/pending is now merged into GET /withdrawals
  • v3 response models have changed:
    • Account
      • Now includes an IsFiat flag indicating if the account is enabled to work with fiat currencies
    • Currency
      • Notice field has been added
    • Deposit
      • Status enumeration has changed (ORPHANED, INVALIDATED have been added)
    • Market
      • Summary has been moved to its own endpoint
      • IsSponsored has been removed
    • HistoryEntry has been renamed to Trade
      • FilledAt has been renamed to executedAt
    • TickInterval has been renamed to CandleInterval
    • OrderStatus enumeration has been simplified (now OPEN or CLOSED)
    • Order / NewOrder
      • Can now specify a clientOrderId, a unique ID set by the caller that will then be returned with the order info anytime it is retrieved
      • Rate has been removed, proceeds introduced in its place
      • UpdatedAt and closedAt timestamps have been added
    • Subaccount
      • CreatedAt timestamp has been added

Known Issues

  • Pagination in reverse using the endingBefore parameter may return incomplete or otherwise unexpected results.

Please refer to the v3 API Alpha documents for full details:


We value our customers’ feedback, and we’ll continue to make updates that reflect your requests. Please share your feedback on social media and through our customer support website.


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