Changelist 02/27/2019

This week's update includes substantial changes to Bittrex's cutting edge trading engine that powers both Bittrex and Bittrex International as well as its partner exchanges around the world. This update provides customers an even faster, more scalable platform and paves the way for additional, exciting upgrades later this year. You can read more about the update on our blog post.


What benefits come with this update?

Bittrex and Bittrex International users will enjoy noticeably faster orderbook updates and overall order execution, as the new engine will have the capacity to execute even more orders per second. Orders will be processed at a rate 20 times faster than before.


What are the additional improvements from the update?

The update is paving the way for a collection of exciting features that will be rolled out on Bittrex and Bittrex International throughout 2019. Some of these features will include:

  • Maker-Taker and other features for liquidity providers and high-volume traders
  • New ways to add fiat to your accounts 
  • Account management improvements (access to full transaction history, account statements, and more)
  • New order types and options, including Market Orders
  • More Flexible Conditional Orders which will eliminate the need for reserve funds when making conditional orders, allowing traders more flexibility without tying up money in conditional trades. (NOTE: Conditional Orders will be disabled until this updated functionality goes live)
  • And, much more - so stay tuned!



In addition to the benefits discussed above customers and API developers will see the following noteworthy changes:

API v1.1
Known changes to the v1.1 API:

  • Reserved balances will only contain amounts reserved for limit orders. Pending withdrawals will no longer show as a reserved balance, and instead will just be subtracted from your available balance.
  • Due to a change in caching behavior the data returned by /GetOrder may exhibit slight lag (less than 1000ms) during which a filled or canceled order's state may be stale.
  • In /GetBalance and /GetBalances the Pending field is now deprecated. In v1.1 the Pending field will always return "0". It will be removed in the v3 API.
  • The CancelInitiated flag has been deprecated. In v1.1 and websockets it will return correct information for all orders except for those closed with a partial fill. We recommend that you do not rely upon this field. API users who depend on this field are recommended to internally keep track of orders for which they initiated a cancel. It will be removed in the v3 API.
  • In the Socket API `nounce` was renamed to `nonce`

Current v1.1 API documents are available here:

API v3 Alpha
The v3 API will remain in Alpha status and invite-only with this release. Stay tuned for our announcement of the open Beta coming soon.

High level changes are noted below:

  • New API to return current user’s id, email address, and whether they are authorized to Bittrex International markets
  • Values for deposit, order, and withdrawal statuses have been updated
  • Active flags replaced by status fields for currencies and markets
  • Redundant order direction field removed from order book entries
  • Order type has been removed from the order book entries
  • Price has been renamed to rate in market history
  • Order direction and fill type removed from market history
  • Conditional order related fields have been temporarily removed from orders

Please refer to the v3 API documents for full details:

Conditional Orders disabled
Conditional Order types will be temporarily disabled. We will relaunch this improved feature in coming months, eliminating the need for reserve funds when making conditional orders allowing traders more flexibility without tying up money in conditional trades. 

Auto-Sell disabled
Auto-Selling of currencies will be temporarily disabled. We will relaunch this feature in coming months.

Account disabling/enabling
Customers can choose to disable their account if they suspect suspicious activity. To re-enable your account you must contact customer support.

Account histories for delisted markets and removed wallets
As a part of this update, markets which have been delisted before 02/27/2019 have had their trade history removed and is no longer available in the API and website. Similarly, the deposit and withdrawal history for wallets removed before 02/27/2019 is no longer available in the platform. The data is saved offline and can be retrieved by Customer Support if it is needed. Customers will need to file a ticket with support to obtain transaction history for delisted markets and removed wallets prior to 02/27/2019.


We value our customers’ feedback, and we’ll continue to make updates that reflect your requests. Please share your feedback on social media and through our customer support website.

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