How do I withdraw Grin (GRIN)?

In order to withdraw Grin from Bittrex, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account and click Holdings in the upper right of the site.
  2. Search for the Grin wallet.
  3. Click Withdrawals under Holdings to bring up the withdrawal page.
  4. You may see a Two-Factor Authentication Required dialog box at this point if you do not have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. 2FA is mandatory for this type of withdrawal. Click Enable Two-Factor Authentication and complete it before returning to the withdrawal flow.
  5. Enter a withdrawal amount and click Generate Transaction File.
    • The minimum withdrawal amount must be greater than 3 times the withdrawal fee.
  6. On the Withdrawal Transaction File screen, click Download Transaction File and save it to your local storage.
  7. If you do not own the receiving wallet: Send the transaction file to the recipient and wait for a response.
  8. If you own the receiving wallet: Generate a response file from your destination wallet.
    • For example: the Grin command line wallet generates a transaction file using the following command when receiving via a file:
      grin wallet receive -i my_grin_transaction.tx

If you have already initiated a withdrawal and created a transaction file, you cannot start another withdrawal until it finishes. Please wait 2 hours for the transaction to automatically cancel if it gets stuck as withdrawals of Grin will auto-cancel if they aren't finalized within 2 hours.

Note: Bittrex does not support withdrawals to listeners and https addresses.

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