Bit Mon Ex launches digital asset trading platform in Mongolia in partnership with Bittrex

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (February 4, 2019)Bit Mon Ex announced today that it is launching a new digital asset trading platform in Mongolia leveraging Bittrex’s cutting edge technology, to offer customers a secure, reliable and advanced trading option.

Bit Mon Ex is the first platform in Mongolia to offer global trading markets and make it possible to achieve the volume and liquidity necessary for Mongolian citizens to purchase and trade digital assets. The platform will target Mongolia initially, with plans to expand to customers in other Asian countries in the future.

By partnering with Bittrex, Bit Mon Ex has access to all cryptocurrencies and digital tokens available on both the Bittrex and Bittrex International platforms, enabling it to offer its customers one of the largest selections of digital assets. Bit Mon Ex will oversee management of the new trading platform, looking after customer operations and compliance, as well as providing customer support, marketing, sales and customized development.

"Our mission at Bit Mon Ex is to create more innovation and economic freedom to enable Mongolian companies to compete on equal footing on a global scale,” said Bit Mon Ex Chairman Unenburen Ulziiburen. “Our platform strongly focuses on security and customer service, so we are particularly excited to partner with Bittrex to bring their world class service and reputation to our local Mongolian market. "

“We’re committed to advancing blockchain technology around the world, and our partnership with Bit Mon Ex will help drive adoption of this revolutionary technology in new markets,” said Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara. “This platform, powered by Bittrex technology, will not only provide Mongolian customers with a reliable, secure and advanced trading option, but it will also give them access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects.”   

The Bit Mon Ex and Bittrex partnership brings together Bittrex’s global leadership in the blockchain industry with the unique vision and experience of an innovative team and their deep knowledge of the Mongolian market. This partnership provides customers with a broad selection of digital assets on a secure, reliable and advanced Mongolian-based platform that is committed to compliance.  


About Bit Mon Ex 

Bit Mon Ex LLC was founded in August 2018 with the vision to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in Mongolia in partnership with a globally recognized and respected leader in the cryptocurrency exchange markets. Bit Mon Ex aims to become the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain service provider in Mongolia whilst working closely with the government to achieve its aim. Developing the blockchain infrastructure in Mongolia would enable businesses and government services to offer their service to their customers using blockchain technology. Mongolia is fast becoming a country to embrace new technology and digital transformation, from both businesses and the government alike. Bit Mon Ex LLC is initially opening the doors and gapping the bridge it was lacking between the global market and to local Mongolian citizens. In the future Bit Mon Ex LLC is planning to develop the infrastructure where businesses, government services are available to its users through the use of blockchain technology. Learn more at



Founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers, is the premier U.S. based digital asset trading platform, providing lightning-fast trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices. Our mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology, and driving transformative change. Bittrex, Inc. is not a regulated exchange under U.S. securities laws. Learn more at


About Bittrex International

Bittrex International operates a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset platform built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge trading technology. Our mission is to be a driving force in the blockchain revolution, increasing adoption of this innovative technology around the world. This international trading platform operates within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government, including the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act. The company will apply to the Malta Financial Services Authority to become a regulated Virtual Financial Asset exchange. Learn more at


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