How do I deposit USD into Bittrex?

In order to send a wire transfer to your Bittrex account please follow the guidelines below:


1. Receive approval for fiat (USD) trading, deposits and withdrawals

Wire transfers can only be received from bank accounts approved through the fiat application for trading, deposit and withdrawals. Please click on the link to fill out a fiat application: Fiat (USD) Trading Request.


2. Make sure your bank account has been whitelisted

Sign in to your Bittrex account. Click on the Holdings tab. Type in “US Dollar” in the search bar. Click the Withdraw button under Actions. All available whitelisted (approved) bank accounts will be shown. If you do not see your bank account after receiving an approval email, please contact Bittrex support. 


3. Generate your USD deposit code

To generate your USD deposit code, please click on the Holdings tab. In the search field enter “US Dollar,” click on Deposit under Actions. Your USD deposit code will appear at the bottom of your Wire Transfer Instructions. Copy this code. Please enter this USD deposit code in the memo/notes field on the wire transfer form at your bank.

Note: Always include your USD deposit code when making wire transfers. Wire transfers cannot be credited without the correct USD deposit code. 


4. Best practice: Take the wire information provided in your USD wallet to your bank for assistance 

Bittrex recommends account holders go into a local bank branch when sending wire transfers for the first time.

To find the wire information, please enter “US Dollar” in the search bar under the Wallets page. Then click Deposit under Actions. All deposit wire information will appear. Use the deposit information to have your bank properly fill out a wire form. If the information does not appear or if you have additional questions, please contact Bittrex support. 

Note: Make sure the wire transfer is not sent as an ACH transfer as ACH transfers are not accepted. All ACH transfers will be blocked. 

Be advised that wire deposits (wires sent to Bittrex) cannot be initiated on the Bittrex webpage. Only withdrawal wires (wires sent from Bittrex to your whitelisted bank account) can be initiated on the webpage. All wire transfers must be placed from the bank account number that was provided to Bittrex, in your fiat application.


5. Wait for the wire to be credited to your Bittrex account

All USD deposits are credited same or next-business day once settled in our Bittrex bank account.

  • Domestic wires take 24-48 hours to settle
  • International wires take 5-10 days to settle 

Note: Extra delays will occur if the wire information does not match the information whitelisted. 


Wire transfer fees

Bittrex does not charge wire transfer fees. Please ask your bank about any wire transfer fees they may charge for sending or receiving a wire transfer.

Note: International customers, if your bank uses an intermediary bank you will want to check to see if they charge any fees for the transfer process.


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