Here We Go…Rolling Out More USD Pairs


By now, you’ve probably heard that we launched US dollar (fiat) trading on our platform, using a phased approach where we’re adding more markets and customers over time. Now, it’s time to roll out the latest fiat trading update for our customers. On August 20, we’re launching US dollar (USD) markets for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and XRP. 

Why are we so excited about adding new USD trading pairs? As we continue expanding fiat markets to the top tokens on Bittrex, we’re not only offering customers a streamlined experience to purchase digital coins on Bittrex directly with US dollars, but we’ll also be offering customers USD trading pairs that may only be found on our platform. We’re going to continue adding tokens to our USD markets, providing our customers even more convenient, fast and secure trading options as well as access to some of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects.

While we dream big, we also plan wisely. That’s why we will continue to use a phased approach for USD trading. We are taking our time and ramping up these markets, processes and systems through a measured approach before we open it up to all qualified customers. But, the good news is that you didn’t have to wait a long time for more opportunities. As of August 20, participants will have access to USD markets for BTC, ETH, USDT, TUSD, ETC and XRP.

So, who can apply for USD trading now and what can you do while waiting for the next phases to be implemented? Current Bittrex corporate and personal account customers, who reside in eligible states and qualified international regions, are able to apply for USD trading at this time. Corporate customers may apply for USD trading by completing this request form, and personal account customers may apply by completing the following form. For current customers living outside the initially approved locations, please note more states will be added over time. With each new phase, we’ll continue to provide you updates and information about how to apply for fiat trading.

Finally, you may be wondering how we determine which USD market to launch next? Our phased approach not only allows us to stress test our systems, but also ensures we have time to properly evaluate which tokens should be added to our USD markets and when. Additionally, teams with tokens already listed on Bittrex can complete an application to have their token considered for a USD trading pair. And, since we’re always looking for new and innovative blockchain projects, any token teams who are interested in getting listed on Bittrex, and possibly being added to our USD markets in the future, may apply here.

Today’s announcement is another exciting step toward further adoption of blockchain technology, which is truly revolutionary. In addition to broader acceptance, expanding fiat markets to the top digital currencies on our trading platform will help limit the dominance and influence of any one token over other blockchain projects – a necessary evolution if we’re going to unleash blockchain’s potential benefits for consumers and businesses. We’re glad you’re joining us on this fiat journey as we continue rolling out USD market updates, and don’t forget to follow our official Bittrex Twitter account (@BittrexExchange) for future USD trading pair announcements.



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