Too good to be true? It probably is.

While we love Elvis impersonators – it’s never okay to impersonate a brand to deceive customers. Unfortunately, we’re one of many businesses across several industries that must deal with impersonators and scammers. We care about our customers. We want you to be safe and secure not only while trading on our platform, but also when we’re communicating with you. We’ve noticed an increase in fraudsters trying to take advantage of our customers. To help deter these efforts, we’re sharing some of the common ways these criminals will try to scam users.


Giveaways/promotions/imposter accounts

We don't participate in token giveaways or promotions. But, that doesn’t stop fraudsters from trying to trick you into thinking we do by creating imposter accounts on social media. It’s now the norm when you scroll through social media to see a giveaway offering you free ETH or BTC, or a chance to send in tokens or fractions of tokens in return for promises of larger token sums. These impersonation accounts will use our name (or similar name) and logo to look like an official Bittrex account upon first glance. While at first glance, these offers could appear to be from us, they are not. If you look closer, you’ll notice that these accounts offering giveaways are probably missing some key details.

How can you tell this promo or social post is fake?

  • Currently, we don’t participate in token giveaways or promotions, and if we do in the future, we’ll promote it widely on and our social media channels.
  • Our official Twitter account is verified (blue badge) and is spelled @BittrexExchange.
  • It’s linking to a website that is not


Phishing emails

Don’t take the bait - often, we’ll hear from our customers that they’ve received an email from a Bittrex account that appears to be phishing for data or tokens. It’s always a good idea to be deeply skeptical of emails you receive asking you to share your private information or download data. We would not send an email asking for you to share this information with us, such as username, password, two-factor authentication (2FA) code, secret code and other sensitive information. If you have any doubts over whether an email you’ve received from Bittrex is legit, we recommend you contact our customer support team to confirm the legitimacy. They can be reached on  You’ll want to share a screenshot of the email you’ve received to help them confirm whether it’s one of ours. To be extra careful, you should always look closely at emails you receive. Upon closer inspection, it might have the wrong sender, website information or logos. Don’t click any links or reply to the email if anything seems suspicious. Instead contact our support team for help.

Help keep your info safe by following these steps:

  • We would never ask for your private information (username, password, 2FA code, secret code) in an email. never share this information with anyone.
  • We do not run promotions/giveaways or charge token teams to be listed on Bittrex. 



When customers look for Bittrex online using a search engine, they may see results that include imposter websites, which are most likely malicious. These fake sites can harvest your credentials to be used to login to your account. Stay safe by following these tips:

  • Always go directly to instead of searching for it.
  • Review your recent browsing history to identify whether you unintentionally visited and surrendered your credentials to a fake site.
  • Scan your computer and mobile devices for malicious software; use different passwords, enable 2FA, and monitor accounts frequently.


Customer support

Our customer service team is here to help with timely, efficient, and accurate customer support whenever you have questions or issues related to your Bittrex account. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen fraudsters try to provide fake support in order to get access to your account and assets. So, let’s talk about the ways our team is here to help. We provide customer support on our website at Customers can submit a request or use Live Chat 24/7 after logging in. Given that we respond to the majority of support tickets within an hour, and have live chat capability, we DON’T use phone support or use remote access to fix an issue.

How can you help keep your account secure?

  • Only communicate with Bittrex using our authorized customer support website. Be sure to bookmark this website for assistance.
  • Be sure to always have 2FA turned on for your Bittrex account. This offers a higher level of security to help ensure only you access your account.

It’s easy to get swept up in a good deal or promise of something better. Unfortunately, we see this happen frequently, and we try to do our best to warn customers when we see or are made aware of a phishing scheme, promotional scam or other issue. Be sure to follow us on News, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for official updates and announcements. If you have any concerns or notice something phishy going on, please reach out immediately to Bittrex Support for guidance.


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