Next Phase for US Dollar Trading

If you saw our US dollar (USD) trading announcement a few weeks ago, you know we’re using a phased approach for adding markets and customers. This approach is designed to ensure our processes and systems are operating optimally before we open it up to all customers. And, it’s time to roll out the next phase. We’re starting to invite small groups of retail customers to participate in the USD markets, as their trading will help us further evaluate and test everything. 

We’re going to continue implementing these phases until all qualified customers are included, and we’re making good progress. For example, at launch, we started with only corporate customers, and only two weeks later, we’re beginning to methodically add batches of retail customers. During these initial phases, we’re inviting participants who reside in Washington State, California, New York and Montana as well as qualified international regions. Don’t worry, as we roll out future phases, more states will be added. So, please continue to be patient as we roll out these phases overtime. Also, if you’re reading this and you aren’t a Bittrex customer yet, you should sign-up now to have the opportunity to be included in USD trading in the future.

Now, let’s discuss some important details, such as how you can stay up-to-date about related announcements and how Bittrex will communicate with you about next steps. First, customers should follow our blog and official Twitter account (@BittrexExchange) to receive important updates from us about USD trading and other issues. Next, during these early phases, customers will receive an email from Bittrex inviting them to participate in our USD markets, which will direct them to a specific page on our support site ( If you have any questions about the email you receive, please contact our customer support team who are standing by and always ready to help. Finally, as soon as we’re ready to invite larger groups of retail customers to register, we’ll publish the steps users need to follow in order to apply.

As you can tell, we’re very excited about launching USD trading and being able to extend these markets to more customers once we can ensure they’ll have a great experience. When we’re finished rolling out these phases, all qualified customers will have a streamlined experience for purchasing digital currencies on Bittrex directly with US dollars.

With almost 200 digital tokens listed, including some of the most innovative blockchain projects in the world, we have a deep pool of good candidates to consider for USD trading pairs. Our current USD markets include BTC, USDT and TUSD; however, in addition to methodically adding more customers, it probably won’t be too much longer before we start adding new USD pairs – pairs that may only be found on our platform. So, keep following our Twitter account and blog to get all of our updates in real-time!

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