IP Verification Procedure

IP Verification Procedure

To add extra security to your Bittrex account we require all users to approve each new IP address through an email confirmation. The first time you log in to your account from a different IP address than the one identified when creating your account, you will need to verify your new IP Address.


Confirming your IP address

After entering your credentials, you will be directed to navigate to your email inbox and click the “Click here to login” link in the IP verification email. You will then be directed to repeat the log in process after verifying the IP address (this will only be repeated when you log in from a new IP address).

The image below is an example of the email you will receive to verify the new IP address.


This is a security measure to protect your account from an unauthorized user. This IP verification process will be repeated any time you log in from a new IP address to ensure the safety of your account.

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