Device and IP verification procedure

In order to help protect customer's accounts, users must verify their device or IP when logging in. This article gives a full walkthrough of how to complete these processes and common errors that you may encounter.


IP verification

The first time you log into your account from an IP address that has not yet been verified, you will need to verify your new IP address.

Confirming your IP address
After entering your credentials, you will be directed to navigate to your email inbox and click the “Click here to login” link in the IP verification email. You will then be directed to repeat the log in process after verifying the IP address (this will only be repeated when you log in from a new IP address).

The screenshot below is an example of the email you will receive to verify the new IP address.


This is a security measure to protect your account from an unauthorized user. This IP verification process will be repeated any time you log in from a new IP address to ensure the safety of your account.

Switching between device and IP verification
To switch from device to IP verification, go to Trusted Devices under the Account tab. Above the list of trusted devices, click the blue hyperlink saying "authorize using IP addresses instead." This will disable trusted device and base all authorization off IP addresses moving forward.

Note: The settings can be returned to trusted devices by clicking the hyperlink "Switch back to authorizing by devices.



Device verification

When logging in from a new device and/or browser, you will be asked to verify via email. Please find the email in your inbox that is linked to your Bittrex account and click the "Yes, that was me button." This will verify the browser on the device you are currently using.


Once you click the button in the email, you will be prompted to confirm whether you would like to trust the device or not. Here you can change the device nickname to something unique, then click Yes, trust this device. If you choose not to add the device, you will be asked to verify every time you log in from that device until it is trusted.

Note: If you are on a public computer, we do not recommend trusting the device. 



Deleting trusted devices
To delete a trusted device, go to Trusted Devices under the Account tab. Once in the devices page, check the box corresponding to the device you would like to delete and click the blue Delete button. Confirm your choice in the popup window. You device is now deleted.


Common troubleshooting steps

Below are some common reasons why IP or device verification fail and easy steps for troubleshooting the problem. 

Device verification failed
When verifying new devices, you may receive a "Device Verification Failed" error after clicking on the emailed link. Verification must happen in the same browser session on the same device you are trying to verify on. For instance, if you are in Google Chrome, and clicking on the verification link opens Safari by default, the device verification will fail. Additionally, if you attempt to log in on a desktop computer, and you tap the link on your phone, it will also fail. 

If at this point you are still having issues verifying, please copy the link below the blue "Yes, that was me" button and paste it in a separate tab of the browser you are using.

Check to ensure that you are not accidently opening up a separate browser tab or trying to verify on a separate device. Once your device and/or browser is verified, you should not be asked to do this again.

Note: Although you can complete this step on your phone's mobile browser, we recommend utilizing the Bittrex mobile app or desktop version for the optimal experience.  

Not receiving verification emails
If verification emails are not showing up in your inbox, check your spam folder and your email settings to make sure is not marked as spam..

You should also add to your contact list from within your email account. 

Dynamic IPs and VPNs
If you are using a dynamic IP or VPN, you will need to turn those off in order to verify by IP. If you would like to still like to use a dynamic IP or VPN, please opt for device verification. 

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