Our commitment to customer support

We know quick and efficient customer support is a key part of what customers evaluate when deciding whether to use our trading platform, and that’s why we’re continuously improving our support team’s capabilities, tools and procedures as we continue to attract new users to the platform.

Last year when the interest in digital currencies skyrocketed and customers were signing up in droves, we realized our support team needed to quickly expand to properly manage the increasing number of support requests from new and existing customers.

We immediately began investing considerable resources to strengthen our support team so that we could scale to meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base. In fact, we pretty much did a complete overhaul to make sure we could deliver efficient and helpful customer support in a timely way. We took several steps to make this possible, including:

  • Increasing our in-house and contracted support staff by almost ten-fold and it’s still growing;
  • Reviewing and updating all of our procedures to find the quickest path to resolution;
  • Providing comprehensive training, with regular refreshers, for all support team members;
  • Streamlining our ID verification process to help the majority of customers get approved within 15 minutes;
  • Improving customer communications to provide routine and timely updates on issues, relevant topics, and common questions through our support site and Twitter handle; and
  • Exploring and testing new tools, such as live chat, to provide more options for communicating with and resolving customers’ support issues.

After all of these updates, the Bittrex customer support team responds to the majority of tickets within one hour. So, what should you do if you need customer support help? The first step is to visit the FAQ section on our support site. It can help you resolve a wide variety of issues, including general account concerns, common error messages and trading questions.

If you don’t see a solution to your issue in the FAQs, please submit a support request on our support site. When you visit https://support.bittrex.com, you’ll see a “Submit A Request” button in the top right corner. Just click that button and use the drop-down menu to indicate what type of support issue you need help with. Our team will review your ticket and provide a timely response to help resolve the issue.

Sometimes, the team will need to do quick research before responding, but they will respond as soon as possible. In the meantime, please don’t open more than one support ticket since it doesn’t make the process go any faster, and in fact, can delay it. Finally, as mentioned in the bullets above, we’re going to launch a live chat channel for customer support soon. We’ll ramp up this capability over the next few months, so we can provide customers with 24/7 chat support on a variety of topics in the near future.

We’re working hard to provide our customers with the best support service possible. While we experienced some support hiccups last year, we've diligently worked to give customers what they wanted and deserved — a dedicated and awesome customer support team. And yes, in the future, we may still face unique situations and/or technical support challenges, but we’ll never stop evolving and expanding our capabilities to provide you with the highest level of customer service.  


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