Changelist 04/16/2018

Recently, we released an update to the website we launched on April 10, 2018. The list of notable changes is below.

Usability improvements to the trading interface:

  • Provided option to show more than 10 rows at a time on the order book
  • Order book is no longer limited to 100 orders total
  • Open orders pane refreshes properly after ordering or cancelling
  • Balances updating properly after ordering or cancelling
  • Added the ability to quickly select the “last” price when ordering

Enhancements to the chart on the trading page:

  • Reversed the “backwards” scroll wheel for zooming into the chart
  • Fixed the time zone drop down to be fully visible on the screen  
  • Added ability to remove certain studies from the chart on the trading page

 Updates to the with withdrawal and deposit process:

  • Fixed withdrawal and deposit dialog rendering issues
  • Removed 10-character minimum address limit for Steem
  • Addressed the inability to confirm withdrawals on iPhone or iPad
  • Corrected issues related to creating a deposit address

Overall site enhancements:

  • Addressed specific problems with the password reset process
  • Fixed typos


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