How do I deposit coins to Bittrex?

In order to deposit coins to Bittrex please follow these steps.

  1. Login and Click on Holdings in the upper right hand of the site.
  2. Search for the wallet you are going to deposit to
  3. Click the Deposit button next to the wallet
  4. Click "New Address" to generate your address.
  5. Please make sure to read the coins deposit instructions if they are available.  Some coins require a minimum amount to be sent before they are credited.  Some coins will require a message/payment/tag/memo.  This means you must send the coins to the address we provide and attach this message/payment/tag/memo to the deposit so we can route the coins to your account.  If you do not attach this, you will risk losing these funds.
  6. You can now send your coins to this address.  Please make sure that you only send the same type of coins to this address.  This means if you generated a BTC address you deposit BTC to it and not some other coin.  if you deposit a different coin then what the address was generated for you risk losing these coins permanently
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