Joint statement from Bittrex and Dunamu


Bittrex supports third-party trading platforms, including Dunamu’s exchange Upbit, which is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in South Korea. Through this partnership, shortly after Bittrex lists a digital token, Upbit also lists that token on its exchange. Yesterday, an anomaly occurred and information for a token was accidentally disclosed by Upbit before it was listed on Bittrex. Below, please see a statement reflecting the findings of Dunamu and Bittrex regarding the issue:

“Bittrex supports third-party trading platforms, including Dunamu’s digital currency exchange, Upbit. Yesterday, a premature code push for an API accidentally disclosed the trading pairs for the DMarket token before Bittrex made its listing announcement. Bittrex is working with Dunamu, and all of its partners, to ensure these types of disclosures do not occur in the future.” – Attributable to Bittrex and Dunamu

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