Support for the Pundi X [NPXS] monthly token unlock program

Bittrex International will support the monthly Pundi X [NPXS] token unlock program.

The monthly token unlock calculation is as follows:

Daily NPXS generated by each user = Daily NPXS generated by Bittrex International * Daily User NPXS holdings ratio1

1Daily user NPXS holdings ratio = Daily User NPXS holdings / Total NPXS held on Bittrex International

We will distribute the monthly tokens on or before the 14th day of each coming month. The tokens will be automatically credited to your Bittrex International account.

The monthly percentage distribution schedule below is based on the original announcement and is a guideline on maximum expected distribution amounts.

Monthly percentage distribution schedule


Percentage of Distribution

November, December 2018


January-December 2019 2.116%

January-December 2020



Note: If any NPXS deposits you had sent to Bittrex International are not settled (i.e. marked as pending), you may not be eligible for the NPXS distribution. Users that have a daily balance of less than 1000 NPXS will not be eligible for the NPXS distribution.

We would like to thank the Pundi X team for working closely with us.


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