Changelist 11/01/2018

This week's website release makes Bittrex International available to the public!

In addition to the new site, this release includes routine maintenance and updates requested by our customers. A few of the changes include:

  • All customers will be prompted to accept an updated or Bittrex International Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • The logo on emails sent to customers for login, IP Address change, and other notifications was updated to match the current branding.
  • A chart loading issue was resolved across browsers and other site-responsiveness issues were addressed. Note that these changes revert earlier improvements which spaced candles linearly on the chart when a market has sparse data.


Notice for developers

As part of our deployment of Bittrex International it was necessary to change the site URL handling. Unfortunately, some apps and bots which are not following our documented API URLs encountered issues do to using unsupported hostnames. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you are getting INVALID_SIGNATURE errors when calling Bittrex API v1.1 endpoints, please make sure you are using a supported hostname. If you are using*, this location is not our documented or supported API endpoint. Instead, please use* to make your API calls.



Note that we also currently support* endpoints for the time being, but will be deprecating those in the future, so it it best to move to at this time.

We value our customers’ feedback, and we’ll continue to make updates that reflect your requests. Please share your feedback on social media and through our customer support website.

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