FAQs: Bittrex International Trading Platform


What is Bittrex International?

Bittrex International is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset trading platform developed for international customers and built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology. This new international trading platform, previously branded as Bittrex Malta, will provide innovative tokens a more streamlined token approval process, while also providing the same instant trade execution, dependable digital wallets, and industry-leading security practices that Bittrex.com has always provided its customers.

Bittrex International will operate within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government, including the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act, also known as the VFA Act. The international platform will use the same high levels of Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering review as other Bittrex.com services. Bittrex International will operate under the 12-month transitory period provided by the VFA Act, and the company will apply to the Malta Financial Services Authority to become a regulated Virtual Financial Asset exchange.

How is Bittrex International different from Bittrex.com?

The Bittrex International platform is for international customers. Customers who are U.S. citizens, and customers who are located within the United States, will continue to use Bittrex.com, and they will not be able to trade on the Bittrex International platform.

Bittrex International will provide the same overall experience and will allow its customers to access to all tokens and trading pairs that are listed on Bittrex.com; however, Bittrex International customers will also have access to tokens not available in U.S. markets. In addition, Bittrex International offers token teams a streamlined listing process, enabling approvals within weeks instead of months.

Bittrex.com is operated solely by U.S.-based Bittrex, Inc. Bittrex Malta Ltd., a Malta-based affiliate of Bittrex Inc., will list certain tokens that are only available on the Bittrex International platform (and therefore only available to international customers).  

Is Bittrex leaving the U.S.?

No, Bittrex.com is proud to be based in the United States and have our headquarters in Seattle, Washington. In order to better serve our international customers and network of partners, we decided to form a new company in Malta, which will operate within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government, including the VFA Act, and to launch the Bittrex International platform.


How do I sign in to Bittrex International?

Bittrex International customers may log in directly to http://international.bittrex.com. In addition, all customers will be seamlessly redirected to http://international.bittrex.com upon login to Bittrex.com. At their first login, customers will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the new international platform.

Current international customers will continue to use their current Bittrex.com usernames and passwords to access Bittrex International.

Why do I have to sign a new Terms of Service and accept a new Privacy Policy to use Bittrex International?

The new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are designed to ensure the Bittrex International platform is compliant with applicable non-U.S. laws and regulations.

What changes will API users see?

All API users will see the complete set of Bittrex International and Bittrex.com tokens in the v1.1 API. Token markets that are only accessible to international customers will be designated as IsRestricted:true when customers use the API to list all available tokens and markets. Even though international markets may be visible to all customers using the API, only eligible Bittrex International customers will be able to trade these markets. Each Bittrex International customer must login to http://international.bittrex.com at least once and accept the Bittrex International Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before they will be allowed to trade the Bittrex International markets via the API.

Do I have to use Bittrex International if I live outside the United States?

All U.S. citizens, including those living outside the U.S., will continue to use Bittrex.com and will not have access to Bittrex International. All international customers will be seamlessly redirected to the https://International.Bittrex.com site. Once these customers have agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, they will have access to all of their existing account information, trading history and wallets. International customers will continue to have access to tokens and trading pairs that are listed on Bittrex.com, and they will also have access to additional tokens not available on Bittrex.com.

Will new international customers still have to verify their identity to open an account?

Yes, the account registration and verification process for Bittrex International will be identical to Bittrex.com. For Bittrex International, all customers will need to complete the enhanced verification process by providing a government issued ID to confirm their non-U.S. citizenship. Customers who previously completed enhanced ID verification, provided proof that they are not U.S. citizens and are living outside the United States, will be enabled to access Bittrex International after accepting the new platform’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Will corporate customers be able to use Bittrex International?

Bittrex International isn’t only for individual or personal accounts. All eligible international customers, including corporate customers, will be redirected to the Bittrex International website once it’s launched. Corporate customers within the U.S. will continue using Bittrex.com. If your organization is not within United States, and you would like to apply for a new corporate account on Bittrex International, please complete the following form: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000026631.

As a U.S.-based customer, can I get access to the same tokens as customers of Bittrex International?

U.S.-based customers will continue to have access to tokens and trading pairs listed on Bittrex.com, all of which will also be available to customers of Bittrex International. U.S.-based customers will not have access to any additional tokens listed specifically for the Bittrex International platform. The clarity and regulatory certainty provided by the VFA Act allows eligible international customers to have access to additional markets through Bittrex International.

What if I’m an international customer, but I would prefer to stay on Bittrex.com instead of transitioning to the new trading platform?

International customers who prefer not take advantage of the additional tokens that will be available through Bittrex International’s streamlined token listing process simply need to submit a request on our support site at: https://bittrex.support.com.


If a token is already listed on Bittrex.com, do token teams need to re-apply to be listed on Bittrex International?

No. Tokens listed on Bittrex.com will also be tradable on Bittrex International.

How do I get a new token listed on Bittrex International?

First, a token team must submit their token for consideration at: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=114093958872

Bittrex International’s streamlined token listing process for new blockchain projects will adhere to Bittrex.com’s review process evaluating the authenticity, innovation and quality of the token.

After the review process is complete, qualified projects will be required to provide a legal opinion from a Maltese law firm indicating that the token is eligible for listing based on the criteria outlined in the VFA Act. The certainty and streamlined process provided by the VFA Act will enable Bittrex International to list existing token projects within weeks instead of months, and if a team begins the process before the initial launch of their new project, the token could be listed as soon as their blockchain goes live. 

For more information on the token listing process for Bittrex International, check out our blog.

Do token teams have to pay a fee to get a token listed on Bittrex International?

No. Bittrex believes it’s more important for token teams to invest their time and money in technology and business development measures. That is why we don’t charge a listing fee for Bittrex.com or Bittrex International.

How will Bittrex International be different for token teams?

The key feature of the Bittrex International platform will be the streamlined token listing process, which can be completed within weeks instead of months. In addition to the new listing process, tokens listed on the platform will have access to our extensive network of international exchange partners. Each member of our global partner network will be able to list all current and new tokens listed on Bittrex International that are consistent with its local rules and regulatory environment.



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