Blog: Bittrex International Token Listing: Free, Fast and Committed to Compliance

If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously heard the news that Bittrex International is launching a digital trading platform that will feature a streamlined token approval process and provide more trading options for qualified international customers. And now, this international trading platform is accepting token listing applications!

What does this streamlined token listing process mean for token teams?

This new process will provide an efficient path for the most innovative blockchain projects to be listed on our new international platform. For example, if your team manages an existing blockchain project, your project can be listed in weeks instead of months, and if your team is getting ready for the initial launch of a completely new project, your token could be listed as soon as the blockchain goes live.

Once listed, all tokens on the Bittrex International platform will be available for listing by our extensive network of international exchange partners. The partner network has access to all current and new tokens listed on both and Bittrex International that are consistent with their applicable regulatory environments. And just like, Bittrex International will NOT charge a listing fee. We believe it’s more important for token teams to invest their time and money into their technology and business development measures. That is why there is no token listing fee for and why there will not be one for Bittrex International.

So, what is the review and token listing process for Bittrex International?

First, all token applicants must fill out the basic listing consideration form that requests information about the token and the token team. After a token team submits this form, the Bittrex International token team will evaluate the authenticity, innovation and quality of the blockchain project.

As part of our review, the Bittrex International team will also conduct a compliance review of the token team. During this process, development teams will be required to provide a legal opinion from a Maltese law firm indicating that the token is eligible for listing based on the criteria outlined in the Malta Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Act. Once we receive the Malta legal opinion, and the compliance review process is complete, the token becomes eligible to be listed on the Bittrex International platform. Given the clarity and regulatory certainty provided by the VFA Act, the time needed for a token to be listed is actually determined by how quickly tokens teams can submit their applications and get their legal opinions, which typically only takes a few short weeks.

Are new markets already being tested for international customers?

Yes, we’re currently operating a pilot program with our partners and one token, PundiX (NPXS). We’re grateful for their assistance as this pilot program paved the way to ensure that we could begin the token listing process now.

Why apply to list your token on Bittrex International?

We believe in the potential of blockchain and its ability to provide groundbreaking solutions. That’s why we’re excited to work with token teams around the world to incubate new, inventive blockchain projects on our platform that could potentially transform the way goods, services and operations are managed globally.

Plus, what other trading platform offers your token a streamlined listing process that not only provides access to its customers, but also to customers within a global network of partner exchanges? And given there’s no listing fee, why wouldn’t you apply? Submit your token to Bittrex International today!

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