Changelist 09/18/2018

We’re committed to providing our customers outstanding service and an exceptional experience. An important part of that commitment includes making regular updates to our website. We highly value our customers’ opinions, and we incorporate several of your suggestions into our website with each new release.


Please continue providing your feedback on social media and through our customer support website. The most recent update includes several improvements, and we’ve highlighted a few of the changes below:

  • Enhanced charts to improve usability and use screen space more effectively
  • Reduced whitespace on the trading view (to fit more information on screen)
  • Improved fonts that are clear and easy to read at every resolution and screen size
  • Enabled withdrawal whitelisting to allow users to whitelist USD bank accounts
  • Disabled auto-toggle between Buy/Sell on the order form when clicking numbers in the order book to make placing orders easier
  • Improved how users are notified of wallet status (i.e. it’s clearer when a wallet is experiencing an issue that has caused it to go offline)
  • And a host of smaller UI bug fixes that should make the site easier to use

Stay tuned to this page and our official Twitter account for more updates!

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