New features on Bittrex

You might have noticed that the UI of Bittrex has changed. (And if you are having trouble logging in, clear your cookies. Sorry!) 

Here's a list of some notable UI changes:

  1. Our pages now support websockets. Updates happen near instantaneously. Watch the order books of the top markets.
  2. You can now get the full order book of the market instead of just the top 50 levels. Just keep scrolling until you get to the bottom.
  3. Wallets to withdrawal and deposit are accessible on the Market page, no need to switch to a different page
  4. Notifications when your orders complete. No matter what market or page you are on, you get notified if one of your orders are either partially or fully filled.
  5. There is a carousel that spotlights coins when you go to the home page. This shows the most active coins (most % changed and most volume) as well as coins who've paid to be spotlighted. 
  6. On the Orders page, there is a new button that looks like a circle that will display your full order history. We'll make this more prominent on a future version of the site

There are also a lot of changes under the covers to make your trades happen even faster than before. 

Your feedback is absolutely appreciated. If you like or hate something, find a bug, or have a new feature request, please let us know. We'll be updating the UI a lot more frequently again.






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