Removing Isotope (XTP)


I'm Bill, the compliance officer at Bittrex. It is my job to verify that coins we add pass basic compliance checks. One of these checks is that a coin cannot pay a dividend or represent a share of a business. 

To verify what the coin claims, I read the ANN post of the coin and its official website. Based on my initial research, Isotope passed our compliance checks. In the main ANN post, there were no mentions of shares or dividends.

A day after adding Isotope, it was brought to my attention that Isotope claimed to pay dividends. I did some further digging on the ANN thread and found a link to the following article and relevant quote.

ISOTOPE hopes to end the bubble in the bag of Crypto and wants to establish a digital currency with some clout, giving holders who own a certain amount, not yet determined, a monthly dividend form the CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE it has just bought, namely CRYPTRADE which is an upcoming and sophisticated exchange for crypto coin enthusiasts worldwide.

I immediately suspended the market and reached out to the developer to find out what he had promised. I simultaneously reached out to some traders who had XTP to determine the claims at the time they traded for the coins. The developer attested that he had never promised dividends and that the article from bitbillions that he linked from his ANN was wrong. As evidence, he showed his road map that did not contain any notion of a dividend. 

Unfortunately, several traders told me that they did see claims of dividends some of which had since been removed. I offered the XTP developer an opportunity to provide any posts where he clarified that the dividend was taken out of the coin so that anyone supporting the crowd fund or trading the coin would know it was not offered. No such posts were available. Further reading, lead to this post with a graphic that clearly says they are offering a dividend starting May 30th.

Based on what we've recently uncovered, we are removing the market from Bittrex. The wallet will be available for withdrawals. 

If you have questions or comments about our coin policy, please see this article.

Bill @ Bittrex


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