Happy birthday to Bittrex!

Today we celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  It was this time last year when a newbie account posted a thread on bitcointalk (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=492758.0).  This is the date that bittrex.com was open for business.  It has been a heck of a ride, and we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the past year and share with everyone some numbers that we think you’ll find interesting.

We set out last year to provide the digital currency community with a secure, full featured, and fast exchange to trade currencies.  While we may not have been perfect in our execution, we did strive to deliver our best based on those core tenets.  Some firsts we provided for our customers:

  • Delivered a full trade API for customers to automate trading and cross exchange arbitrage. No waiting 3 days to get your withdrawals processed and everyone gets access to the API, not just the whales   
  • Provided transparency to wallet status so you know the state of our wallets
  • Automatically shutdown wallets and markets when our system detects suspicious blockchain activity to protect your coins and the integrity of the market
  • Eliminated coin “voting”.  We're especially happy to have broken the paid voting model that extorted money from coin developers.
  • Scaled both markets and wallets to the needs of the community.  See the numbers below 
  • Implemented code reviews on all new wallets; while we can't stop people from posting links to malicious binaries on their ANN threads, we try to warn the community when we see malicious code in wallets
  • Provided transparency in our markets to discourage and help prevent manipulation
  • Created a standard of ethics to always keep our interests aligned with our customers.  We do not trade digital currencies and don't cut deals with whales or coin developers to give them special commissions or insider information

While we accomplished a lot this year, we're going to keep engaged with our customers and continue to deliver the features you expect from a high quality exchange.  So, without further ado… some numbers from the past year:

  • 152,357,515 trades placed
  • 10,105,298 trades completed
  • 6,850,722 deposits
  • 860,609 withdrawals
  • 647,257 BTCs traded
  • 389,893 wallet addresses created
  • 59,964 accounts opened
  • 658 Markets opened
  • 570 Wallets supported

But the most important number in our minds...

  • 0 Security breaches

Thanks to everyone that supported us this year and we look forward to a great year two!


Your Bittrex Team - Bill, Rami, Richie, Ryan

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