Changelist 10/28/2014


  1. Removed the transparent footer bar that prevented interacting with the bottom of the page
  2. Removed BC and LTC options from the UI
  3. Added a new tab that shows markets added in the last 7 days
  4. Removed BC and LTC markets from the site


Market page:

  1. Stars appear on order book rows to indicate which levels you have open orders at
  2. Added a loading indicator when a tick chart data is being pulled from the server
  3. Fixed a bug in mobile view where the column headers were not correct
  4. Fixed the spinners not appearing on buttons
  5. Fixed a problem where tick data was not displaying correctly for some charts; as part of this we disabled real time tick updates; you will need to refresh the page if you leave it running for a long time and want to see updated tick data


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