Changelist 09/02/2014


  • Added a new settings page
    1. New session timeout interval (experimental)
    2. Opt-ins for bittrex notifications: Sign up for the bittrex newsletter and to get an email for delisted wallets and markets


  • Made a change to order history to only show the last 100 or 2 weeks worth of orders
    1. This is a perf change to show the transition from open to closed orders faster
    2. The full order history is still available on the orders page
  • Added a new column to open orders that shows the estimated total BTC of that order
    1. This will help traders find which orders are reserving their BTC
    2. We will always best match order prices so these are the worse case for buys/sells
  • Updated the code to refresh open orders more frequently
  • NXT Support is back!
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