Changelist 08/28/2014

  1) Market tick chart can now go back to the entire history of the market
     a) Granularity of ticks varies based on the interval selected
     b) SMA and EMA lines are disabled until next update
     c) Null ticks (a time period where no trade was made) are currently not filled in the chart; this is a change from the previous behavior of the chart and we are evaluating feedback
  2) Orderbook chart
     a) the order book chart is now only populated with the top 50 buy/sell orders similar to the doughnuts
     b) this is a precursor to the deeper orderbook fix
  3) Order books and market history update much faster now
  4) Open Order updates also update much faster than previously.  You should no longer see phatom cancelled orders
  5) Open and closed order tables now have column selection and some cosmetic tweaks
     a) known issue with the column selection where the column name may run out of the selection dialog

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