ClusterCoin: Doing the right thing

First off, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience. Given the amount of scrutiny that has occurred in the last few days, we hope everyone understands why extra time was needed.

Secondly, it has been our stated position that a buyer must do their own research before purchasing a coin. We do not warrant or endorse any coins that are listed on our site. Buyers of $CLSTR coin are not entitled to recompense. We are taking this extraordinary action due to new information that surfaced during the escrow period.

For complete transparency, here are the data points:

  • The ClusterCoin BCT account appears to have been purchased despite statements to the contrary.
  • Developer does not appear to have access to a twitter account previously claimed on a prior BCT post.
  • The BCT account shared IPs with other accounts, including known scammers who purchased accounts with similar posting profiles.
  • No publicly available information could be gathered on the remainder of the ClusterCoin development team.
  • Developer volunteered PoD was not completed.
  • No proof of ongoing development was provided to counter growing community skepticism.
  • The (lack of) handling of the community by the developer through BCT and Twitter.

None of these points alone are sufficient to act upon, but the totality is enough to cast reasonable doubt. The diligence done by the community is wonderful, but it should have been done before any investment was made, not after.

The market will re-open with a buy wall at the initial ICO offering of 10,000 satoshi's @ 23:00PDT today. After 7 days the market will be closed and all coins destroyed.

The Bittrex Team

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