Ghost Coin (GHOST) market and currency delisting

We will be closing the GHOST market and wallets immediately.

At 10:41am PDT, our systems automatically shut down the GHOST market due to some of our enhanced security checks.  Twenty minutes later, we confirmed the problem and it turns out there was a "bug" in the code that allowed you to mint any number of coins.  We started working with the dev immediately to try to hardfork and save the coin, but given the nature of the vulnerability and the fact we are not convinced the developer is not malicious, we have decided the best course of action is to close down the market/wallet.

While our security systems stopped the dump of generated coins onto the marketplace there is nothing we can do to save the value of the coin.  We will not be re-opening the wallet for withdrawal since you can mint any number of coins you want.  


For people that keep asking for withdrawals, please understand why we are not allowing it.  There are two possible outcomes:  

1) The coin is dead, the blockchain allows generation of any coins it wants, thus any withdrawals is pointless.

2) The dev saves the coins somehow, at which point, anything you withdraw will be negated anyhow, so again pointless.

If the dev does somehow save the coin, he will be rolling back to a point BEFORE the bad blocks were generated.  We currently have good standing balances without the bad coins dumped.  If we allow withdrawals now, we would get into a state that would be completely unrecoverable.

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