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As many of you have noticed, we have added NXT back to Bittrex. This was done after their API was improved to be more user and exchange friendly, but the deposit and withdrawal workflows are now different. We hope that all exchanges will adopt this new method. This article is relevant for all NXT based coins which include NXT and BURST.

The key differences are:

  • There is only a single address you deposit to. The exchange address. You must generate a new "message" to deposit.
  • Your deposits are identified by the "message" that you send with your deposit.
    • Most exchanges do not allow you to include a message yet. Please do not deposit directly from another exchange. Please send to your wallet first.
    • If you do not include the message, there is no guarantee we can recover the funds.
  • When you are withdrawing, the address you are withdrawing to must have a previous deposit. NXT addresses require the presence of a public key. The following website offers a service that announces public keys, Bittrex currently has no way for you to specify a public key like other exchanges. This may mean you can't deposit directly to another exchange as well.

We want to thank the NXT community for working with us and continuing to innovate their technology. 

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