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Over the last couple days, there has been a lot of discussion, healthy and unhealthy, about what the responsibility of an exchange should be.  I want to talk about what our responsibility actually is.

Bittrex is a crypto-currency exchange.  Our mission is to provide you the best security and service possible when you are trading crypto-currencies.  We will make sure your funds are safe and that if User A wants to trade X to User B for Y, you both get your respective X and Y.  That is our responsibility; nothing less, nothing more. We are here to make sure that you get the coins that you traded for.  We make no guarantees on the value or claims of that coin.  That is your responsibility.

A lot of comments have come that we should protect users, and we do.  If there is ever a case where you pay for a coin and do not receive it, please let us know. That is our responsibility and how we protect you.

If you do not research a new coin, please do not trade it.  No one is forcing you to trade a coin.  We have a wide selection of established coins you can trade - BC/DOGE/DRK/XMR/LTC... the list goes on. If you do not agree with what we view as our responsibility, please, do not trade with us. There is a risk for being on the leading edge, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot protect you from yourselves.


Thank you,
The Bittrex Team

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