Questions About Bank Transfers (ACH) on Bittrex

What is ACH? 

ACH (automated clearing house) transfers are electronic, bank-to-bank money transfers processed through the ACH network. Bittrex is happy to offer our customers the ability to link their bank accounts for bank transfers (ACH) to deposit and withdrawal USD to/from the exchange. We have partnered with Plaid for this integration. 

Benefits of using bank transfers with Bittrex:

  • No application required to link your bank account for bank transfers
  • Bank transfers (ACH) are not subject to wire transfer fees
  • Deposited funds are made immediately available to trade*

A step by step guide on how to deposit, withdraw, and link accounts can be found here. 

*Bank transfer (ACH) deposits are immediately available for trading; however it will take a few days for the transaction to fully settle and for funds to be removed from your bank account. It is your responsibility to maintain a sufficient balance in your bank account until the transfer is completed. If we do not receive the funds from your bank, or the transaction is reversed, your account will be placed under review until the issue is corrected. If the issue is not corrected in a timely fashion, we may cancel open orders and sell the assets in your account, at your expense to cover the outstanding balance. If we are unable to recover sufficient funds by these means, your account will be subject to closure and possible additional action such as referral to a collection agency.  

General questions

Please review the commonly asked questions below about bank transfers with Bittrex.

I do not have a bank transfer button on the Holdings page of my Bittrex account. What needs to be done for this feature to be visible on my account? 

If you are unable to see the Bank Account button on the web sidebar or in the app, this could mean you are not eligible for ACH. Please ensure you live in a fiat enabled state, your account is fully verified, and 2FA is enabled on your account. **Note ACH transfers are not supported for NV or SD customers.   

I previously applied to add my bank for wire transfers and was approved, do I still need to link my bank account for bank transfers? 

Bank transfers and wire transfers are processed through different systems. You will need to establish a link with your bank in order to initiate bank transfers to and from Bittrex.   

I am unable to see my bank on the list of available banks once a bank transfer is selected. Can I link this account?  

If you are unable to see your bank, this means that your bank is not eligible for ACH deposit and withdrawals at this time. If you would like to deposit fiat currency, you are able to submit a fiat application to deposit via bank wire or deposit via debit card at this time. 

I'm trying to link my bank account and I found my bank on the list, but it says that it's not supported. What can be done?  

The financial institution you are looking for might not be supported though our partners at Plaid. It is also a possibility that your financial institution is supported by Plaid, but is unable to do business with cryptocurrency exchanges or services. If the financial institution you are looking for is not on the list, we will not be able to support deposits and withdrawals.  

I have selected my financial institution from the list, but am having trouble verifying my credentials though Bittrex. How can I proceed with making a deposit from my account? 

Please double check that you are selecting the correct financial institution from the list before entering your credentials. You will need to attempt your log in again as an incorrect password or username might have been used. If this does not work, please confirm that your login credentials for your financial institution are valid by logging into your financial institution account from a secure web browser . It is possible that your financial institution requires you to acknowledge, through your online banking, that you are using your banking information with third party apps. 

I deposited money using ACH option. I tried to withdraw my purchased coins but received a message stating, "my deposit is not yet ready for withdrawal". 

Funds deposited via ACH will be subject to a withdrawal hold for up to 14 days. During those days, deposited, verified funds may be traded** on the Bittrex exchange, but not withdrawn. Please wait up to 14 days to withdraw these funds. 

** During this hold period, certain customers with recent fiat deposits may not have the ability to purchase in all markets. 

What are my deposit limits for ACH? 

Deposit limits will vary depending on certain factors.  Your per transaction limit and weekly limit will show in the deposit window when you initiate a deposit via bank transfer. 

Specific error codes

Error Code: "Couldn't connect to your institution." What needs to be done so I can link the account in question?  

This error code is received when Plaid is unable to complete the linking process between Bittrex and your financial institution. This can happen for a number of reasons but is usually caused by minor issues that are quickly resolved. If you are trying to make an immediate deposit, we recommend attempting to link to another financial institution so you are able to deposit. Once the issue causing the connection failure is resolved, you will be able to link the original financial account.  

Error Code: “Username or password incorrect.” What needs to be done to resolve this issue?  

If this error code is received, we recommend that you confirm your username and password by logging into your financial institution account from a secure web browser. When searching your financial institution while linking through Plaid, double check that the correct institution is being selected. There are many similar names on the institution list, and choosing the wrong one may result in this error code.  

Error Code: "Action required with your account." How can this be resolved?  

Requirements for linking an account vary from institution to institution. Some require certain steps to be met before the account can be linked to your Bittrex account. Please confirm if this is needed for your account by logging directly into your institutions online banking from a secure web browser and looking for settings that allow you to share your data before attempting to link this account again.  

Error Code: "Username incorrect." What are the reasons behind receiving this error? 

This error may be received if you updated your username associated with your financial account after your account was linked to your Bittrex account. If we are notified of the username update, we will reach out and ask that you re-connect your account with the update credentials. If you are not prompted to confirm your new credentials, you may need to remove the banking information from your Bittrex account and re-verify your updated username.  

Error Code: "Your account settings are incompatible." Can I still link my account if this error is received?  

There may be certain account settings at your financial institution that prevent Bittrex from establishing a connection with the institution. If this error is received, further work will need to be done by Bittrex and their partners before this account can be supported for bank transfers.  

If none of the above topics covered your issue, you may file a support request to tell us more about your situation by submitting a support request here.  

** Certain customers with recent fiat deposits may not have the ability to purchase in all markets.   



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