Multiple Account Policy


At this time, Bittrex does not allow multiple accounts

We will automatically detect and disable new accounts linked to existing customers. Bittrex understands that users may have opened duplicate accounts and have funds stuck in a disabled account. If you have an account disabled due to having opened multiple accounts you will need to open a ticket and work with our support team to consolidate your accounts. At this time there is a significant wait time to have accounts consolidated. Requests for consolidation will be processed in the order they were received.

Please do not open duplicate requests as this will slow down the processing time for yourself and others.

Steps to follow for help:

  • Open a support request here: Multiple Account Consolidation Request
  • Once your ticket is submitted, you will receive a response requesting the information we need from you in order to enable your account.  Please make sure to read our response carefully and provide all necessary information.
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