Bittrex's Crosschain Recovery Policy

Bittrex's cross chain recovery policy is that we will only attempt to recover deposits that exceed $5000 at the time of deposit, within 7 days of the deposit and will charge a 0.1 BTC for this recovery. Recovering coins crosschain is an inherently dangerous and time consuming process.

Due to our new Crosschain Recovery System, the minimum requirement for crosschain recoveries is $3000 at the time of deposit for the following crosschain pairs:

  • BTC to BCH
  • BCH to BTC
  • BTC to USDT
  • USDT to BTC

Not all deposits can be recovered and the time frame of recovery is at our discretion.

This policy DOES NOT apply to deposits with incorrect or missing memos on currencies such as CryptoNote, NXT, BitShares, Ripple, STEEM, or any others that rely on a message/memo/tag for crediting deposits. Nor does it apply to ETH tokens sent to other addresses on the ETH network. These will be recovered in a time frame of our discretion.

This policy DOES apply to deposits sent to an address of another coin on another network. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sending, for example, BTC to a BCH address
  • Sending an OMNI/XCP asset to ANY address other than the one assigned
  • Sending ETH to an ETC address

Note: We WILL NOT recover coins or tokens we do not support. Nor will we recover funds that were distributed as part of an ICO.

  •  BCH/BSV Crosschain Deposits will NOT be recovered. Please use caution when sending BCH/BSV as there is no replay protection

Crosschain - A deposit of one coin to a different coins address is considered a crosschain deposit

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