Support for the Stellar Lumens (XLM) distribution to Bitcoin holders

Bittrex has claimed 52,892,429.0408973 Stellar Lumens (XLM) on behalf of users as part of the latest giveaway round announced by the Stellar Development Foundation.

The XLM will be distributed proportionally to users who held a Bittrex Bitcoin balance on June 28th when the on-exchange snapshot was performed. As we were not informed earlier about the participation details for this distribution, this XLM claim reflects approximately 80% of the Bittrex Bitcoin balances at the time of the June 26th block 472889 snapshot performed by Stellar Team.

This distribution of XLM will be performed before July 28th, 2017 and will involve making a generated XLM deposit into eligible accounts.  Please note that only accounts which are eligible to receive a minimum of 1 XLM will be credited.

We would like to thank the Stellar team for working closely with us.


Further information:

Stellar blog: We’re Distributing 16 Billion Lumens to Bitcoin Holders



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